By: Alabi Adebayo E

1. Leaders are always full of praise.
2. Leaders are always growing.
3. Leaders learn to say “Thanks You” and “Please” on the way to the top.
4. Leaders are possesed with dreams
5. Leaders work with Goal and Vision.
6. Leaders are not afraids of failures.
7. Leaders are not afraid of confrotation.
8. Leaders likes to talk about thier own mistakes before they talk about someone own mistakes.
9. Leaders are people of Honesty.
10. Leaders are people of Integrity.
11. Leaders likes to protect thier name.
12. Leaders have a good name.
13. Leaders make others better.
14. Leaders praise and encourage improvement.
15. Leaders have less priveledge.
16. Leaders takes others up with them.
17. Leaders respond to thier failures before others have to reveal them.
18. Leaders are specific about what is Expected.
19. Leaders hold others accountable.
20. Leaders are servant.
21. Leaders are born with failure.
22. Leaders focus on correcting thier own faults.
23. Christ like Leaders affirm publicly and correct privately.
24. Leaders sees others as brothers and sister.
25. Leaders accept thier followers problem has thier problem.
26. A good leaders does not demand for money from thier followers.
27. Leaders are Holy, Ritheous and Blameless.
28. A leader who is accountable for the work done on the followers.
29. Leaders who put all thier trust in the Lord.
30. Leader who act outside the way they act inside. #adebayo


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