Mental Transformation
By:Sabastian D’Ouza
 Don’t be like the people of this world, but let God change the way
you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to
morning we continue our journey towards Knowing God More. God is Father, Son
and Holy Spirit. We were created in His image (Gen 1:26) and are also
tri-faceted beings. We are a spirit, we have a soul (mind, emotions and
will) and we live in a body (1 Thes 5:23). We were all born devoid of
God’s Holy Spirit and with an empty hole that only He could fill. When we are
Born-Anew (Again) (John 3:3, Eph 1:13), the Holy Spirit comes into us and seals
us with His presence. In our spirit, we are saved instantly. We also
know that our body will someday be changed and translated into His
presence. So our body will be saved eventually. This leaves us with
this middle facet of our being  —  our soul. Our soul is
comprised of our mind, emotions and will. Our soul must be saved
progressively. One of the greatest benefits to our New Citizenship is
mental transformation. God can, through His Word, actually change the way
we think.
what does this mean to you today? It means that you can actually allow God to
change the way you think through His Word. I came to Jesus almost a decade
ago. That means that I trained my mind to act like the world before that
time. My conscience and my sub- conscience were programmed to act like the
world. Like cursing for example: every third word out of my mouth was a curse
word. I was programmed to curse and cursing was not a shock to
me. But if someone around me said something about “Jesus,” then it was a
shock to my system, because my system was not programmed to accept
it. Today, however, my mind has been reprogrammed about cursing and about
Jesus. If someone today says “Jesus” around me, I might say
“Hallelujah!” On the other hand, if someone says a curse word around me,
it is a shock to my system. Why? Because my mind has been reprogrammed not to accept it. 
for a minute of a clear glass full of Coca-Cola. You now place that clear
glass inside a clear bowl. You now have a full pitcher of water and begin
to pour the water into the glass. At some point, the glass will begin to
over flow. After it starts to overflow, you stop and look at its contents.
You will now see that there is both Cola and water in the glass. The Cola
is somewhat diluted by the water, but it is still there nonetheless. The
more your pour water into the glass and the more the excess begins to overflow
into the bowl, the more you realize that the glass is getting clearer. The
more water, the less Cola. This illustration teaches you about your Mind
Transformation. When we come to God we are like the glass of Cola. We
are full of dark things. We are saved in our spirit, but our mind is still
full of mess. As we receive the Word of God, the dark things begin to get
diluted, but they are still there nonetheless. As we continue, however, to
read and apply God’s Word in our lives, the clearer the glass gets and the more
water we find in it. There might be hints of the cola here and there, but
the glass now has more water than cola and the contents have been changed.
it be foolish to take that mostly clear glass of water and pour Cola back into
it? Well, unfortunately, that is what we do when we stray from God’s
Keep receiving and applying
God’s Word in your life
 and your glass (mind) will be clear
 and full of His Goodness!

for this day: Lord
God. I am a Born-Anew (Again) believer. I do not act like the world acts. I
have the discipline to read and apply Your Word in my life. My mind is
changed through Your Word and I walk in the newness of my life in You today and
every day. I will never be the same.  Never be the same. In Jesus’ name.
  Amen! #adebayo


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