(Phil 4:4 KJV)  Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.
This morning we continue our journey towards Knowing God More. This is an
often overlooked benefit to our Kingdom. In our previous kingdom (the
world) that best we could have was happiness; and that kingdom promoted
happiness and the pursuit of it, as a way of life. The problem with this is that happiness comes from the English Word happenstance, which is
the same word for circumstance. So happiness is a result of
happenings. If something good happens we can be happy, if something bad
happens we can be sad. That is truly no way to live. You are up today
and down tomorrow. Happy this week and sad next week. We live in an ever changing and often frustrating environment, so if our state of
well-being is contingent upon circumstances, you can easily see that our lives will be an emotional roller-coaster. The Good News is that we
don’t have to abide by the system of the old kingdom. Once we are
Born-Anew (Again) into the Kingdom of God, then we can learn about and
apply His benefits. One of the benefits of our life in this new Kingdom
is the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22). One of the fruit of the Spirit is Joy. Joy is not happiness. Joy is a calm delight and an exceeding
gladness. It is both quiet confidence and celebratory praise. It can be a gentle whisper or a colossal roar. It is both peace and power wrapped
into one. This Joy is inherent to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit
dwells in the lives of Born-Anew (Again) believers. Since the Holy
Spirit is always there for us to access, then this Joy is always there
for us to tap into.
So what does this mean to you today?  Let’s break it down:
1.  The best that our old kingdom can offer is happiness.
2.  Happiness is a result of happenings.
3.  Our new Kingdom offers Joy, from the Holy Spirit, as one of its benefits.
4.  As a Born-Again believer I have the right to claim this benefit and the access to the Holy Spirit required to tap into it.
5.  This Joy can give me calm delight and quiet confidence; and also exceeding gladness and celebratory praise.
6.  The old kingdom only offers happiness for good things that happen.  After
the good event is over, then that happiness is over. They can never
7.  My new Kingdom offers Joy. This joy is tied to the Holy Spirit. The Holy
Spirit is in me and I can always tap into His benefits. No matter how I
feel and no matter how bad things may look, I can always tap into this
Joy. I can always Re-Joice, but the world can never Re-Happy!
Are you struggling with some issues in your life? Are you having a rough
week? Are you frustrated here and there? Then why not tap into this
benefit? It is your right as a citizen of the Kingdom of God to stake
claim on your benefits. Why not Re-Joice this morning?
Confession for this day: Lord God. I am a Born-Anew (Again) believer. I have been born into Your
Kingdom and have a right to all the benefits therein. One of the
benefits of this new Kingdom is Joy. I stake a claim on this benefit
this morning and declare that I walk in the Joy of the Lord. I will not
allow happenings to derail me from enjoying my Joy! The Holy Spirit is
with me and His Joy overtakes me today and every day. I will never be
the same, never be the same. In Jesus’ name.


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