Being Fruitful – Loosing the Seed!
(Gen 1:28 KJV)  And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful,
and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion
over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every
living thing that moveth upon the earth..
This morning we continue our journey towards Knowing God More. Yesterday we learned about trees and how trees would bring forth after his
kind. This morning we shift to man – the greatest of all created
beings. Genesis is the book of beginnings. This book is very important
because it shows God original intent for a thing, even though our
present-day perspective may be skewed and the use of a thing may be
perverted. Whenever we want to know what God made something for, we can
go ‘Back to Genesis.’ Well, this morning we go back to Genesis and look
at man. In verse 26 we learn that God created man in His own image and
after His own likeness. He then loosed the dominion of the earth and all the creatures in the earth to man (male and female). God then
instructed man, in our text, to “be fruitful.” These two words will be the emphasis of our message this morning.
Yesterday we learned about seed and fruit and how it applied to trees. The same
applies to humans. God told man to be fruitful. Why did He not instruct
man to be seedful? Because man already had the seed. Adam had the seed in Him already and Eve had the eggs in her. They had everything they needed “in” them for reproduction. God commanded them to do something – replenish
the earth – but God does not expect us to do something that He has not
already equipped us to do. They were already equipped with the seed
required to become fruitful. What was their part? This is the key; they had to loose the seed to be fruitful! 
We live in a time where the Word of God is going forth like never before.
You can hear the Word over the internet, radio, or television. You can
receive it on email, regular mail, flyers, etc. We have more bibles than we have ever had. There are more churches than there have ever
been. And I would venture to say that more people are actually applying
biblical principles to their lives and being blessed! Hallelujah! 
So what does this mean to you today? It means that if the Word of God (the seed) has been a blessing to you and has brought about a change in your life, you should want to loose that
same seed into the lives of others. People go to Bible Study every
Wednesday and worship every Sunday and learn great truths, but you will
never make a true change until you sow those truths into the life of
someone else. I believe in prosperity and I know that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants (Ps 35:27), but I also believe that
many of us have mistaken prosperity for just money. I prosper with
abundant riches in Christ every time one of your replies to one of these messages and tells me how the Lord blessed you through it. Why? Because I “Loosed the Seed” when I hit the send button.
What if Adam had said, “Hey God, I like my body and I like my wife. We are
healthy and we have it ‘going on.’ I think I am just going to enjoy my
existence and my position in the earth.” Adam would have still been
Adam, but his legacy and our destiny were locked up in His seed. God had already given Him the seed and then instructed Him to be fruitful by
loosing the seed into Eve. Have you been blessed by God’s Word?

 Why not share that same Word with someone today?
 I promise you will be blessed for it!
Confession for this day: Lord God. You have blessed me richly. I have the seed of Your Word inside of me. It has brought about a tremendous change in my life. I will loose
that same seed into the lives of others today. They will be blessed and
you will be glorified! In Jesus’ name.


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