Confessing God’s Names over our Lives

Your tongue is a very powerful instrument. It can either call down blessings from heaven or bring curses (failure) into your life. The Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof” (Proverbs 18:21). Here is a confession that uses the names of God to declare Peace, Power, Protection and Victory in our lives!
El Shaddai:  (Gen 35:11,12)
* You are my All Sufficient One!
* I have no need to seek out any other gods, my sufficiency is in You!
* I have no worry, no doubt and no fear; because El Shaddai is with me today and everyday
* My faith is in You and You alone
* I am Abraham’s seed and an heir according to the covenant promises
El Elyon:  (Gen 14:18-20 )
* You are the Most High God!
* I succeed in every endeavor, even against ridiculous odds
* You give me the wisdom to devise the proper plan of attack
* You have given me the power to get wealth
* You have given me the blueprint for victory
* I receive the victory and praise You – El Elyon – for it in advance!
Adonai:  (Is 6:8)
* Adonai, You are the Lord of all in my life!
* You sit on the throne and are worthy to be praised!
* I am cleansed from sin and guilt by Your touch and Your blood
* I serve You today with a clean heart and a pure spirit
* You are my Master and I am your slave
* Use me this day for Your service.  I am available to You!
Jehovah:  (Ex 3:14)
* Lord Jehovah, I praise You!
* You are the God that defines Himself by Himself!
* You are the God of the already (my past)
* You are the God of the right now (my present)
* And you are the God of the not yet (my future)
* You know the thoughts I have before I think them
* You know the concerns I have, before I feel them
* And You know the plans You have for me, before I learn them
* I can face anything that this day has for me, because You – Jehovah – are with me!
Jehovah-Nissi:  (Ex 17:15 )
* Jehovah-Nissi, You are my Banner and My Battle-Ax!
* I fight under Your flag.  I defend Your precepts, principles and way
* I submit myself to Your Word and Your commandments
* By my obedience to Your Word, I cause my way to be prosperous today
* I do Your work, Your way and receive Your results
* No enemy shall overtake me, because I am a soldier in Your Army
Jehovah-Rohi:  (Ps 23) 
* Jehovah-Rohi, You are my Shepherd and I shall not want!
* You lead me toward peaceful places
* You minister to my every need
* You have by best interest in Your heart
* I will fear no evil, because You are with me, even in the valley of the shadow of death!
* You anoint me afresh for this day and every day
* I walk in Your benefits and enjoy Your protection
* Surely Goodness and Mercy shall pursue me, all the days of my life! 
Jehovah-Rapha:  (Ex 15:26)
* Lord God, You are my Healer!
* I submit and surrender myself to your Word and Your voice
* I walk in obedience to You and You keep my in perfect health
* I release most holy faith to bring these things to pass and I declare that my body will function in perfection!
* Every sickness, germ or disease that attempts to hinder my body must die instantly!
* I live the divine life and I live in divine health!
* Because you live in me, yokes are destroyed and burdens are removed in my life
Jehovah-Shammah:  (Eze 48:35) 
* You are my Jehovah Shammah!  You are here with me today and will always be with me!
* You keep me through every situation and bless me in the midst of my enemies
* Your presence brings with it Your Power, Your Protection and Your Peace!
* You are with me everywhere I go and you cause my way to prosper!
* You are my very present help in the time of trouble
* You presence guarantees me the Victory!
Jehovah-Tsidkenu:  (Jer 23:6)
* You are my Righteousness!
* You have delivered me from the guilt of sin and cleansed me by the washing of Your Word
* I am restored to a right relationship with You
* I can do what You say I can do!
* I can have what You say I can have!
* I am not a sinner, I am a child of God!
* I am not wrong with You, Jesus has made me Right!
* I can now face anything that comes my way with Freedom, Liberty, and Power!
Jehovah-M’kaddesh:  (Lev 20:8) 
* You are the God that sets me apart!
* I am different from the world and I do not act like they act
* I live under a different set of laws
* I am your child and I will act like your child everywhere I go
* I will stay focused and dedicated to pleasing You!
* I will love You will all my heart and also love my neighbours as myself
* I will submit myself to the leadership of the Holy Spirit!
* I will walk in accordance with your Word!
* I will live as a set apart one, today and every day!
Jehovah-Jireh:  (Gen 22:14)
* You are my Provider!
* I put nothing, nor anyone above You in my life
* You are my Righteous King and my Everlasting Ruler!
* I submit and surrender to You, and You alone
* I walk by faith and not by sight
* I trust You Father, even when I cannot see, nor totally understand what You are doing
* I know that you will provide all my need according to Your riches in glory
* I obey Your commandments and I enjoy Your provision
* All my bills are paid, all the time, on time!  I attack my lack
* You have given me the power to get wealth
* I am provided for today and every day, because I serve the Great Provider!
Jehovah-Shalom:  (Jud 6:24)
* You are my Peace!
* You are bigger than anything that will come my way today
* You enable me to accomplish every task in excellence and victory
* When I encounter seemingly insurmountable obstacles, I operate in peace, knowing that You are with me
* I can do all things through Christ today and everyday
* I cast down fear and doubt and I walk in Your perfect peace and Your perfect power!
Jehovah-Sabaoth:  (1 Sam 1:3)
* You are my ultimate authority!
* You are bigger than every situation and stronger than any opposition!
* Every obstacle in my path is but a small thing to You
* I submit and surrender myself to You this day
* I, like Hannah, make a vow to serve you all the days of my life and place my every desire at Your feet
* I am solder in Your Army and I obey Your commands
* Use me this day for Your service
* I am present for duty and fit to fight!
El Olam:  (Is 26:4) 
* You are my Everlasting King!
* I trust you this morning, even in the midst of an ever-changing and often frustrating environment
* I trust you with my life, family, finances, career, and decisions!
* You know what plans You have for me; Plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me an expected end!
* As my Everlasting God, I submit and surrender myself to You and to those plans
* I thank You for where I am and Trust You to take me to where I need to be!
El Gibhor:  (Ps 24:8) 
* You are the King of Glory!  You are my Mighty God!
* You never sleep and are always armed and battle-ready
* You have the greatest Quick Reaction Force (QRF) anywhere
* You have a heavenly hosts of angels always on duty, ready to come to my aid
* I have repented of my sin and have a blood-bought right to Your protection
* I enter into this day with your angels encamped around me!
* I am safe, because You make me safe
* I can face any obstacle and any opposition because You, Mighty God, will fight for me!
* The battle is not mine, but Yours!
El Roi:  (Gen 16:13)
* You are the God who sees me in every situation!
* Even when I place myself in the wilderness and find myself, by myself; You see me and are there
* Your Sight brings with it Your visitation
* Your visitation brings with it Your vision
* Your vision brings with it Your Provision!
* I can see, because You see me
* I can face this day, because You see me
* I can accomplish every task and overcome every hindrance, because You – El Roi – See me!
Elohim: (Gen 1:1)
* You are my Creator!  Your words have creative ability.
* I am created in Your image and my words, lined up with Your Word, have creative ability!
* I speak to every chaotic situation in my life and pronounce order!
* I speak to every unruly area of my life and pronounce peace!
* My family is blessed.  My children are blessed.  My household is blessed!
* My finances are blessed.  My workplace is blessed!
* My hands are blessed and whatever I put my hands to do, prospers, because You God – Elohim- are with me!
* According to Proverbs 18:21, my words have creative ability; in the name of Jesus, I have what I say!
* Lord, be it unto me, according to Thy Word!  In the name of JESUS I confess and believe.  Amen.
In Jesus’ name.


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