Fulfilling Our Requirement
(Hos 4:6a KJV)  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…
For the last few weeks we have been learning some key benefits of being a
citizen of the Kingdom of God. This morning we wrap up the series with a reminder that we have a requirement in the process. Citizenship does
not guarantee receipt of the benefits. Receiving the benefits is a
threefold process: Information, Request and Application.
Let’s see how these things apply to our lives today:
1.   Information: Hosea said that God’s people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Simply
put, you cannot apply what you do not know. There are millions of
citizens of the best developed countries that are ignorant of their
benefits. If they never learn about the benefits, they will never enjoy
them. Not that they are not citizens, but simply that they will not make maximum use of their citizenship; because of their lack of
knowledge. It is the same way in the Kingdom of God. Many give their
lives to Christ, but never learn how to live a victorious life in
Christ. This is why I get up so early every morning and seek God for a
message to share with you. It is my ministry to help you to attain the
biblical information you need to grow and live victoriously in Christ. 
2.   Request: If I were to hold a seminar on the benefits of citizenship (In any of the
most developed countries) with a 1,000 citizens and detail clearly how
they can maximize their benefits by simply going down to their local
government office and filling out a few forms, invariably many would
just simply be too lazy to go down to the office and fill out the
request. In Christ, there are no forms and there are no offices. As
Born-Anew (Again) believers, we have the right to come to the Father in
the Name of the Jesus and make our request known unto God; staking a
claim on our benefits. After we receive the information about our
rights, privileges, and benefits, we still need to make the request. 
3.   Application: Then there are those that learn about their benefits, fill out the request,
receive what they asked for; but then don’t actually use what they
receive for their good. Let’s say that I offered an umbrella to everyone that asked. You then take me up on the request and ask for the
umbrella. I reach into my storehouse and give you an umbrella to help
you to make it through rough weather unchanged. Now the onus is on you
to use it. I did everything I could for you, but you still need to apply that umbrella to your situation, if you are going to walk through the
storm unchanged. That’s how it is with God. You receive these messages
about your benefits (information), you make the confession at the end of the message (request) and God blesses you to receive what you have
asked for; now it is up to you to apply what He gives you and actually
maximize it in your life. Don’t enjoy it for a week and then put it
away. Like that umbrella, you need to know where it is, when the time
comes to use it. 
Do you know your benefits?
Great, then you have information.
Have you claimed your benefits?
Great, then you have made the request.
But have you applied what you have received?

Application brings about Liberation! We have discussed a multitude of benefits over the last few weeks and God wants us to receive and apply them all.
“Apply it and Prosper!”
 We will only prosper in accordance with what we apply!
Confession for this day: Lord God. I know Your benefits. I have learned of Your truth. The truth that I know makes me free. I enter into this day healed, healthy, blessed,
prosperous, anointed, covered, protected, and destined. I can do all
things through Christ and I maximize the benefits of my citizenship in
the Kingdom of God. I am a child of the Most High God and I will act
like it today and every day! I will never be the same, never be the
In Jesus’ name.



  1. May the lord keep U and release more of His grace in to your life, let’s litter the whole world with the message of hope in Christ Jesus. Thru this nations will surely be saved, peace be unto U.

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