SOURCE OF THE SEED By:Sabastian D’ouza

Going back to the Source of the Seed
(Gen 4:25)
 Adam and his wife had another son. They
named him Seth, because they said, “God has given us a son to take the
place of Abel, who was killed by his brother Cain.”
morning we continue our journey towards Knowing God More. Genesis 4
opens up with Adam and Eve giving birth to Cain and shortly after, to his
brother Abel. Cain wound up killing his brother and the Lord judged him
for it. Verses 9-24 go into detail about Cain, his judgment and his
descendants. But then, seemingly out of place, verse 25 says that Adam and
his wife had another son, whom they named Seth. Why is this so
significant? Because it is shows that Adam and Eve did not focus on the
harvest more than the seed. What do I mean? I mean that it is easy to
get caught up in coming to God as some sort of ‘Sugar-Daddy.’ Many people
only talk to God when they want something. When God gives them what they
want, they forget about the creator and focus on the creation. They forget
about the Daddy and focus on the baby. The problem is that you will never
have more babies, unless you go back to the source – the Daddy. Adam and
Eve were no-doubt upset about what happened to Abel, but they realized that God
placed enough seed inside of them to continue to reproduce. They did not
sit there and curse God. They did not blame God for what
happened. They did not lose sight of their instructions. They may
have been shaken, but not shattered. They used what God had placed ‘IN’
them to keep on going.
So what does this mean to you today?  A few things:
1.  God is the source of
every good and perfect gift (James 1:17).
2.  God has placed
everything we need to succeed ‘inside’ of us.
3.  God wants us to get
our destiny ‘out’ of us, for us to loose it in the earth, leaving a legacy.
4.  Even if things happen
that are not favourable, we must not lose sight of our original
purpose. We must go back to God, who is the source, tap back into the
seed; and continue to move forward!
5.  God is a God of
progression and not regression.
6.  Don’t allow one
tragedy to destroy your destiny. 
matter what unfavourable event may have happened in your life, know that you
still have the seed ‘in’ you to continue to bring forth fruit. You may
have been knocked down, but you were not knocked out! You may have been
shaken, but you were not shattered! You are still living. You are
still breathing. Blood is still flowing through your veins. Air is
still flowing through your lungs. Destiny is still locked up ‘inside’ of
you. Lift your head up and enter into this day with thanksgiving and into
God’s courts with Praise! This is a brand new day and God has given you
brand new mercy (Lam 3:23).
The Best is Yet to Come!
Confession for this day: Lord God. You give me the
power to overcome every attack of the enemy. I am able to withstand
hindrances, attacks, disappointments and maltreatment; and come out
Victorious! I go back to the source of my strength this morning and I tap
back into my seed. I look forward and not backward. I am the head and
not the tail. I am above only, and not beneath. I can do all things
through Christ! In Jesus’ name.


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