The Good News to the Poor 
(Luke 4:18,19)
 “The Lord’s Spirit has come to me, because he has chosen me to tell the good news to the poor. The Lord has sent me to announce
freedom for prisoners, to give sight to the blind, to free everyone who
suffers, and to say, This is the year the Lord has chosen.”
This morning we continue to investigate this text by focusing on the words “to tell the good news to the poor.” I know that yesterday’s message was a little more in depth than most and
full of scripture references, but it was because I needed to lay the
foundation for the anointing. We must understand that the Holy Spirit
lives in the Born-Anew (Again) believers and equips us to do everything
that God expects us to do. Now that we understand that, we can
now move forward into what it is that Jesus said that He was anointed to do and how that applies to our lives. The first thing that Isaiah
prophesied and that He read in the fulfilment of the prophecy was that
He was anointed to tell the good news to the poor. The word translated
“good news” here is literally the word evangelism. I define evangelism as the active calling of people to respond to the
message of the Kingdom of God and to commit themselves to follow God in
Jesus Christ. The word translated “poor” in the text does not make
reference to someone who is spiritually poor, but rather literally
financially poor and needy. In other words, Jesus was saying that God’s
Spirit upon Him and had anointed Him to share the good news of the
Kingdom of God with those that were less fortunate and often dismissed.
Let’s break it down further:
1.  Anointed to Evangelize: Many Christians avoid the practice of evangelism because they say that they
are not “called” to the ministry, i.e. they are not preachers, pastors,
etc. The problem with this statement is that all Christians are
“anointed” by the Holy Spirit and equipped to do something. Whatever God equips you to do, He expects you to do and whatever He expects you to
do, He equips you to do. You don’t have to go around telling people that they are going to hell, but you can live your life as an example of
righteousness and share God’s love with a dying and decaying world. You
may be the only bible that people may ever read.  What sermon are you
preaching with your daily actions?
2.  The Good News of the Kingdom: The gospel message is more than just “come visit my church.”  The good news of the Kingdom is that God sent His son to restore that which was
lost.  Someone said that coming to Christ is like listening to a country song backwards – you get your wife back, money back, dog back, home
back, etc. Now that was just a joke, but you get the point. The good
news is that Jesus restored the breech between the fallen man and a Holy God and we can now walk in the dominion, power, authority, prosperity,
love, and peace that Adam had in the garden prior to sin.
3.  To the Poor: The poor are often neglected, dismissed, discarded, and disfavoured. Jesus
spent a great deal of time with those that no one else cared about. He
ministered on the “wrong side” of the tracks and shared the good news –
that they did not have to live that way anymore. The poor did not have
to remain poor and bound could now be free!
So what does this mean to you today? Several things: (1) we should not be ashamed of the gospel message and be
willing to let our light shine everywhere we go, (2) the Holy Spirit has anointed and graced us to share God’s truth through our personality and we should not neglect that responsibility, and (3) we must understand
that the good news is more than just attending a church service; God
wants us to be healed, healthy, blessed, and prosperous in every area of our lives!
Confession for this day:Lord God. I am Your child and am anointed by the Holy Spirit to share
the good news of the Kingdom in the earth. I am an example of Your
righteousness. I let my light shine everywhere I go. I minister to the
poor, oppressed, rejected, and dismissed and let them know that after
2,000 years, Christ is still the answer! 
In Jesus’ name.


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