The Repairer of the Breech 
(Luke 4:18,19 CEV) 
“The Lord’s Spirit has come to me, because he has chosen
me to tell the good news to the poor. The Lord has sent me to announce
freedom for prisoners, to give sight to the blind, to free everyone who
suffers, and to say, This is the year the Lord has chosen.”
This morning we will look at the words “The Lord’s Spirit has come to me.” 
To understand this statement is to really understand Jesus’ purpose and
ministry. We have to go back to Genesis to get a clear picture. God
formed man from the dust of the ground (Gen 2:7), but He was not alive
yet. Here was a fully formed shell of a man, but the essence of life
would come when God Himself breathed into his nostrils and deposited His Spirit into the shell. This made the man a living soul. Now remember
that Genesis is the book of beginnings and gives us a picture of the
original intent for man. God placed the man (Adam) in Eden and blessed
him with the dominion that was destined to him (1:26). God also gave
Adam specific instructions (2:16,17). God told him that he could eat
from every tree of the vast garden except one – of the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil. He told him that he would die the same day
that he ate of it. God then blessed Adam with a wife (Eve) and they were both naked and not ashamed (2:25), because they were walking in the Spirit and not even aware of carnal things. This would all change the day that Adam would disobey the commandment of God. Eve was tricked by satan to
eat from the tree, she gave Adam some of the forbidden fruit and Adam
did the same. As soon as Adam ate of the fruit and broke God’s
commandment, their eyes were opened. They realized that they were naked
and they were ashamed. Why did they now realize that they were
naked? Because God’s Spirit departed from man that day. They walked in
the Spirit prior to this point and were not even aware of carnal
issues. From this day forward, however, they would walk in the flesh. God promised that they would die and they did die – they died a Spiritual death.
This brings us back to Jesus. When Jesus read what He read and said what He
said, He was really announcing to the world that he ministry of the Holy Spirit was coming back. For thousands of years the Holy Spirit would
come upon people for a time and then depart, but Jesus was announcing
that the Holy Spirit was upon Him just like it was with Adam. This would be no temporary presence, but rather the permanent indwelling of the
Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. 
So what does this mean to you today? It means that we were all born with Adam’s legacy. We were all born devoid of the Holy Spirit, with a gaping hole that only He can fill. Many try
to fill that emptiness with sex, drugs, alcohol, money, etc.; but the
only thing that can fill the void is the person that created it in the
first place – the Holy Spirit! Yes, we were all born with Adam’s legacy, but we can be Born-Anew (Again) into Jesus’ legacy. Jesus left the
legacy of the Holy Spirit. Jesus left the legacy of power and
might. Jesus left the legacy of dominion and authority. Jesus left the
legacy of Liberty and Justice for All! Are ready to walk in that legacy today?
If you are a Born-Anew (Again) believer, then you don’t have to walk in
the flesh and live like Adam. You can receive Jesus’ legacy and walk in
the Spirit, not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh! This will cause you to be blessed!
Confession for this day: Lord God. I am Born-Anew (Again). I am born by Your Spirit and do not walk
in accordance with the flesh. I walk in the newness of the life that
Jesus came to give me. I am redeemed from Adam’s curse and I walk in
Jesus’ blessings. I am redeemed. I am restored. I am anointed. I am
protected. I am blessed! 
 In Jesus’ name.


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