Speaking Faith Only By: IMAOLANEWS

Speaking Faith Only

Ourjourney takes us to Mark 5 this morning. We catch up with Jesus in the
middle of a long and busy day. He started out in Mark 4 teaching parables,
He went on to calm a storm (with His words), He cast a legion of demons out a
man (with His words), and we pick Him up as He is getting off of a boat at the
cost of Galilee. A great crowd waited for Jesus as He got off of the
boat. Suddenly a man seemed to emerge from the crowd. You could tell that
this was a man of prominence and stature in the community. We come to find out
that his name is Jairus; he is a ruler of the synagogue (the local Jewish
meeting place). But Jairus was not coming as a Jewish emissary, because
those that Jairus associated with did not like Jesus at all. He was not coming
with a welcome; he had something that was troubling him. Before he said
anything he fell at Jesus’ feet. And then right there, in front of the
crowd – no doubt there were people there that knew him – he went on to share
with Jesus what was troubling his heart. He swallowed his pride and said,
“My daughter is about to die! Please come and touch her, so she will get
well and live.” Now, notice what he did. Jairus identified his
problem, but he then went on to speak his desired outcome – by faith. He
did not just say, “Oh Jesus! My daughter is dying! I don’t know what
to do! Do something, do something!” No, Jairus was specific in his
request. He declared what he was believing God to happen and he did it by
faith. This faith spurned Jesus to action. See, fear moves satan,
faith moves God. His faith moved Jesus to want to bring to pass his
words. So Jesus went with him to his house and the disciples and the crowd
Jesus, Jairus, the disciples, and the crowd were all walking to Jairus’ house there
was a woman that had a 12yr. old bleeding problem that also operated in faith
and tapped into the healing virtue of Jesus. Jesus stopped to deal with
this woman and she went on to give her testimony to Jesus. While Jesus was
wrapping up his conversation with the woman some men came from Jairus’ house
and said to him, “Your daughter has died! Why bother the teacher anymore?”
Wow! Remember, I shared with you yesterday that the devil will always
attempt to turn up the heat to get you to change your confession. Jairus
had spoken faith, Jesus was already enroute to his house, things were looking
good, but the circumstances changed in the space between the confession and the
completion. So what do you do when the circumstances get worse before they
get better? What do you do when the devil stirs up confusion in the space
between your confession and the completion of it? What do you do when the
heat is turned up? Answer: You remain in faith and you don’t change
your confession! You don’t allow what you see to change what you say!
overheard what was said to Jairus. Jesus knew that fear had creeped
in. Note: words from God will always promote faith, words from the enemy
will always promote fear. Jesus also knew that if Jairus spoke words of
fear, doubt, and unbelief that he would cancel out his words of
faith. Jesus knew that if Jairus accepted the bad news and told him not to
go to the house that He would not go. Jesus would not force Himself on
Jairus. Jairus’ words caused Jesus to start going and Jairus’ words
could cause Jesus to stop. So Jesus stepped in before Jairus said
anything wrong and said, “Be not afraid, only believe.” Or, in
other words, “Remain in faith and not fear.” Jairus kept his mouth
closed and when they got to the house Jesus did all the talking; and guess
what? The little girl was raised back to life! Praise God!
So what
does this mean to you today? It means that your words matter; it
means that faith cancels out fear, just like fear cancels out faith; and it
means that you should keep your mouth shut if you are not in a condition to
speak faith!
for this day: Lord God. I speak words of faith and not fear. If I am
ever in a position to where I am in fear and I cannot speak faith, I will
simply keep my mouth shut. I refuse to allow words of fear to cancel out
my words of faith! I believe, I trust, I operate in faith, and my words
show it!
Jesus’ name.


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