Speaking To Circumstances By: #IMAOLANEWS

Speaking to Circumstances
He left the meeting place and went to Simon’s house. Simon’s
mother-in-law was running a high fever and they asked him to do something for
her. He stood over her, told the fever to leave – and it left. Before they knew
it, she was up getting dinner for them.
our last message we saw how Jesus spoke to a storm. He literally looked at the
raging storm and used words to bring peace and calm. He did not come against
the storm with physical might or worldly force, because those things would be
useless against nature, but He rather used spiritual power. Everything in the
earth was created with spiritual power and is subject to God. I know that the
insinuation (an unpleasant hint or suggestion) is that Jesus could do
that because He was God and that there is no way that we could or should go
around speaking to things that come up against us. We will see in this series
that the same Jesus that spoke to things instructed us to do the same.
day Jesus was ministering. After he finished preaching to the crowd He was
ready to get away and to be refreshed. Peter decided to take Jesus to his
mother-in-law’s house. The hope was that his mother-in-law could minister to
them so they could get some rest. However, they got there only to find out that
Peter’s mother-in-law was not feeling well. She was running a high fever. The
disciples asked Jesus to do something to her. Why? Because they had not built
up their faith to the point where they could do something for her. There would come
a time where Jesus would be gone and they would have to use their own faith.
But in this case they were still learning and their hope was in Jesus’ faith.
The text says that Jesus stood over Peter’s mother-in-law. He was ready to do
something. What do you think He did? He spoke words of faith! He spoke to the
fever as an object and He told the fever to leave. Guess what? It left. Before
they knew it, she was up and getting dinner ready for them.
me; I know that most people (even believers) think that this kind of activity
is strange. They know that Jesus did things like this, but they don’t ever see
themselves operating like Jesus did. Jesus Himself said that we would do what
He did, and even greater works than what He did (John 14:12). But for us to
operate this way we must believe that God has given us power through His Holy
Spirit and we must believe the power of our words. You can’t go around all day
long saying things like, “My feet are killing me,” and then think you will be
able to pray out a fever; because it is obvious that you don’t believe your
words will come to pass. Jesus believed His words would come to pass and He
expected us to operate the same way. For example, when Jesus was teaching the
disciples how to pray He said, “When you pray, don’t talk on and on as people
do who don’t know God. They think God likes to hear long prayers. Don’t be like
them. Your Father knows what you need before you ask” (Mat 6:7,8). After this
He went on to give them (and us) the model prayer. But the point I want to
focus in on is that Jesus said that the Father knows what we have need of
before we ask. If He knows what we need, why doesn’t He just give it to us?
Because He expects us to communicate our need to Him with our words. Jesus did
not just think the fever out, He spoke it out. We cannot just think our
prayers, we must speak them. You will be hard pressed to find a silent prayer
in the Bible.
So what
does this mean to you today?It means that God desires for us to activate His power
in the earth realm and He expects us to do it through our words. Jesus used
words to come up against anything that was stopping Him for doing what the
Father expected Him to do in the earth. Our mandate it to be like Jesus and to
operate like He operated. Don’t be silent any longer. Open your mouth and
release the power of God over your circumstances.
for this day:
Lord God, I open my mouth against everything that is standing in my way this
morning. I speak words of faith and I believe the words I speak, in faith, will
come to pass; not by my might, but by Your power.In
Jesus’ name.


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