Would your words Amaze Jesus? 
 When Jesus heard this, he was so surprised that he turned and said
to the crowd following him, “I tell you that in all of Israel I’ve never
found anyone with this much faith!
This morning
we catch up with Jesus in Matthew chapter eight. Jesus ended His now
famous “Sermon on the mount” in chapter seven. Coming down off the mountainside
Jesus encountered a leper. This leper was looking for a breakthrough and
he got it. Jesus healed the supposed “incurable” disease. Afterwards
Jesus entered what would be the home base of His ministry, Capernaum. A
centurion (a Roman officer comparable to a Army Commander) came seeking help
for his servant. The Centurion told Jesus that his servant was lying at
home paralyzed and in terrible pain. Jesus was used to these types of
messages; He was accustomed to these types of pleas. So what did Jesus
do? He said, “I will go and heal him.” This seemed
like standard practice at this point in Jesus’ ministry, but the Centurion was
no average man. The Centurion was not done talking. He told
Jesus about his servant’s condition, but the next words to leave his mouth
would clearly express to Jesus the condition of his heart. This man was a
man of faith.
The underlying
force of the Roman soldier’s faith was his understanding of authority. He
understood that the people he had authority over had to submit to him.  If
he said, “go,” people went. If he said, “do,” people did. He was not Jew,
so he probably did not know the scriptures, but he did understand
authority. He
understood that anyone who has authority over something can simply speak; and
whatever he has authority over has to submit to the command. The
Centurion must have perceived that Jesus had authority over sickness. No
doubt he heard of Jesus healing the incurable leper. It was with this
perception that the centurion replied to Jesus by saying, “Oh, no Sir, you
don’t need to go to my house, I don’t want to bother you that long. Just give
the order and my servant will be healed”. Speak the word only, and my
servant shall be healed.” This series is about the fact that our words
count; they matter. We literally release a message every time we
open our mouths and we must be aware of what messages we are
releasing. How do you think Jesus responded to the message coming out of
the Centurion’s mouth? He literally marvelled at it; He was amazed! Our
text says that He was so surprised that He turned around and told the crowd
that He had never encountered anyone with that much faith. Jesus told the
Centurion, “You may go home now. Your faith has made it happen.”
Right then his servant was healed.
Your words are
an indicator of the condition of your heart. When you speak words of
faith, they become what you receive. Not because the words alone are doing
anything, but because the words are coupled with the condition of your
heart. Jesus said, “Your words show what’s in your heart” (Luke
6:45). Conversely, when you speak words of fear, doubt, and unbelief, they
become what you receive; for the same reasons. 
So what
does this mean to you today? It means that your words count; it means that your words are an
outward indication of your inward condition; and it means that your words can
either move God or satan. Fear moves satan, faith moves God. Which one will
you move today with your words? Jesus was amazed at the words of the
Centurion. If Jesus followed you around all day would He be amazed at
your words of faith or disappointed with your words of fear?
for this day: Lord God, I thank You for helping
me to build up my faith through Your Word. I am internally built up and my
words are an outward indication of my inward condition. Like the
Centurion, I am available to be used to be a blessing to someone else
today. Use me for Your glory. I offer myself to You. I speak
words of faith and not fear, victory and not defeat, life and not death. 
Forward ever, backward never!In Jesus’


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