Our Blood Covenant

Most people are familiar with the “Ten Commandments” of Exodus 20. The Lord,
however, continued to give commandments (laws) to Moses for the next three
chapters. In Exodus 24 the Lord ‘sealed the deal’ with a covenant of
blood. Moses told the people all the Lord’s words and laws; and they
responded with one voice saying, “Everything God said, we will do.” Moses
then wrote down everything the Lord had said. He got up early the next morning,
built an altar at the foot of the mountain, and set up twelve stone pillars
representing the twelve tribes of Israel. He then sent young men to offer
bullocks as peace offerings to God. Moses took half of the blood of the
animals and put it in bowls and sprinkled the other half on the altar. Afterwards
Moses took the Book of the Covenant (which he had written the night before) and
read it as the people listened. Once again, they said, “Everything
God said, we will do. Yes, we will obey.” This is where it
really gets good to me. Moses took the rest of the blood and threw it
out over the people, saying, “This is the blood of the covenant which God
has made with you out of all these words I have spoken” (v.8). By now I
trust you see that the Old Testament is a foreshadow of the New.
take a closer look at this passage. The Lord gave Moses four chapters of
clear instructions to give the people. He then told the people what God
said and they said, with their own mouths, that they would obey it. Moses
then took it a step further and wrote down what God said, had an altar built,
the blood of bullocks applied to it, and then shared the commands of God again
with the people. Once again, they declared that they would be obedient to
the Words of God. Only after this declaration of obedience would the
other half of the blood be applied to the people. So there was blood
on the altar and blood on the people, showing that both were mutually bound by
this blood covenant (the strongest form of covenant). God was bound to
protect, shield, and bless His people and they were bound to honour, love, and
serve their God. 
So what
does this mean to you today? It means that we are also in a Blood Covenant
with God. Our covenant, however, was ratified with the most precious blood
ever shed – the Blood of Jesus. All the gold in Fort Knox could not
purchase one drop of Jesus’ blood. Jesus died as the ultimate sacrifice
(animals no longer required). His blood was shed on Calvary’s cross for
the remission of sin and the redemption of humanity. This cleansing blood is
offered to all people – the entire world – but like the people in the text, we
must first make a declaration of obedience and acceptance before the blood is
applied to our lives. Once we openly declare – with our own lips – that
Jesus is Lord, that He died and was risen from the dead, then He becomes our
Lord and Saviour, His blood is applied to our lives, and the blood covenant is
sealed! Once the blood of Jesus is applied to our lives and we are in
eternal and everlasting covenant with the King of Glory! We are bound to honour,
love, and serve Him and He is bound to protect, shield, and bless us!
for this day: Father
God, I acknowledge afresh that Jesus the Christ was born of a virgin, lived a
sinless life in the earth, was persecuted, crucified, died, and was buried. You
rose Him from the dead on the third day with all power in His hand. He
ascended up to heaven and is seated at Your right hand. He is coming again
in glory to judge the living and the dead and His Kingdom will have no
end. I acknowledge this with my lips and with my heart and I thank You for
applying the blood of Jesus to my life. I am in Blood Covenant with You
Lord and this covenant cannot and will not ever be broken. You are the God
that I serve and I put no other gods before You. The blood of Jesus is
applied to my life and I am healed, healthy, blessed, and prosperous because of
Jesus’ name.


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