THE BIRTH OF MOSES- II. By: Imaolanews

The Birth of Moses-II
God is still God!
(Ex 2:9)
The king’s daughter told her, “Take care
of this child, and I will pay you.” The baby’s mother carried him home and
took care of him.
This morning we continue our series on the ‘Greatest Stories Ever Told’ with the second part of the story of the birth of Moses.
Exodus 2 opens with two Levites getting married and having a beautiful baby boy shortly thereafter. They hid the boy for three months, but when she could hide him no longer, she made a basket out of reeds and covered it with tar. She put him in the basket and placed it in the tall grass along the edge of the Nile. The
baby’s older sister stood off at a distance to see what would happen to him.
About that time one of Pharaoh’s daughters came down to take a bath in the river. She then saw the basket and sent one of her servants to pull it out of
the water. When Pharaoh’s daughter opened the basket, she saw the baby and felt sorry for him because he was crying. She said, “This must be one of the Hebrew babies.” This is when the baby’s older sister seized the opportunity. She jumped in and said, “Do you want me to get a Hebrew woman to take care of the baby for you?” Pharaoh’s daughter said, “Yes!” So the girl went and got her and the baby’s mother. Pharaoh’s daughter then told the baby’s mother that she would pay her to take care of the baby. The baby’s mother then took him home to take care of him, with a contract to get paid for taking care of her own child, which was doomed to be killed. When he was old enough, she took him to the king’s daughter, who adopted him. She named him Moses because she said, “I pulled him out of the water.”
So what does this mean to
you today?There is a lot here. Let’s glean a few golden nuggets:
1. The enemy cannot derail your
Destiny – even though he was up against incredible odds, baby Moses
escaped the schemes of satan (through Pharaoh) and came out unharmed. He was
Destined by God to deliver the people out of Egypt and nothing could stop that
2. The enemy does not want you for
who you are – I firmly believe that the decree by Pharaoh was an attempt
to kill Moses before he ever got started. The same thing happened with Jesus.
The enemy attempted to kill Jesus while he was still a baby, so that he could
not get to the cross. The enemy attempted to derail Peter while he was still at
his ‘Simon’ stage, before he would start the New Testament church. The enemy
does not want you for who you are, but rather for who you are going to be!
3. There will come a time where you
can no longer be hid – Moses’ parents hid him as long as they could, but
there came a time where they could hide him no longer. You may feel like you
have much more to offer (your job, family, church, etc.) than you are currently
being used for, but just remain faithful to what you are doing. When the time
comes that you can no longer be hid, God will expose you and increase you
4. God can make the enemy finance
the ministry – Pharaoh wanted to destroy the Hebrew nation, but he wound
up raising the man that would lead to Egypt’s destruction. Moses lived in his
house, wore his clothes, ate his food, and learned from his teachers. This
education was critical because Moses would later write the first five books of
the Bible. God used Pharaoh’s wealth to finance his own demise and God can
transfer the wealth of the sinner to just (Prov 13:22).
5. God can turn every attack for
our good – Moses’ mother, not only got to spend more time with her son
and ensure that he was not killed, but she got paid to do it! No matter what,
remember that God is still God!
Confession for this day: Lord God.
I walk with boldness and confidence in my destiny today, knowing that no one
can derail me from Your plan for me. My future is bigger than my present and I
know that you will expose me and elevate me when I can no longer be hid. I will
continue to humble myself and I know that you will exalt me in due season. The
wealth of the sinner is laid up for me and I accept supernatural wealth transfer,
as you see fit. You are always in control and I rest in Your sovereignty this
morning. No matter what it looks like, You are still God and You are still
sitting on the circle of the earth!


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