Understanding Brings Conversion Part – 2

On a Tuesday the boys used to come only to listen to the Word of God. One brother finished his retreat and he wanted to grow more in the Lord. The day he came back home and began to pray to God, it was his desire to grow in the Lord. For three years he was going into a fellowship where there was no Word of God. When he was crying
and praying to God, God said go back for the retreat, there you will meet a
man, and there your life will change. When he went back he had no clue of who
was going to speak to him, with all desperation and all thirst he was waiting
for the person. The evil one tried his best to get him out of focus, when he
went on Monday and excited with somebody giving him the word, Tuesday morning it was all dried up. He wanted to run away from the retreat house, there was a man that told him “There will be a man by the name Nelson, just listen to
the Word of God and your life will change, because of which he had a new hope.
So he began to wait in hope,” He opened the bible and he was asking the Holy
Spirit to reveal the scriptures. He was siting right in front doing the
intersession prayer and he felt someone coming from behind, he began to
understand that this was the man he was waiting for. He didn’t dare to look
behind he was focused on the Lord, that man opened the bible and read the
scripture and gave understanding on the same scripture he was reading in the
bible. When the Word was given, He began to understand who he was in Christ
Jesus. Then he began to come for the Bible class regularly, he was all the time
fearful, and he said he was a loser in life, he had attempted to commit
suicide, and financial problems and more overwhelmed him. So when he began to
understand the Word of God things began to change. So he was going for the Word
of God for three years but no knowledge of God no understanding so no change.
God is speaking His Word in parables! In those parables there is a beautiful
understanding! So here is a beautiful testimony a person seeking the Word of
God with all his heart God begins with that person who has understating will
come and teach you.
Confession of the day:
The Advocate the Holy
Spirit, whom the Father has sent in Jesus’ name, will teach me everything, and
remind me of all that Jesus has said to me. (John 14:26)


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