Words Have Power Part 2: By:Imaolanews

WordsHave Power Part – 2 Proverbs 18:21: Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love itwill eat its fruits. A mother told her childto go in the world and preach Jesus to everybody.  But, the childfelt that she had not evolved spiritually and she could not preach aboutJesus.  However she still makes an attempt.  She goes to aperson who is jobless.  She gives him a Scripture, tells him toconfess it over and over again and tells him to make Jesus, Lord of hislife.  She assures him that the Lord will definitely help him if hebelieves and confesses the scripture.  Now, when the child spokethese words to him, she herself was in doubt about what shesaid.  She was only doing this, because her mother had told herso.  But, imagine her astonishment and delight when the man rings upto say that he has got a job. Her spirit soars, because the words she haduttered were accepted by the man and they manifested.  Her spiritbegins to believe; her spirit starts getting trained to believe every word thatshe utters. Matthew 12:37: “For by your words you will be justified, and byyour words you will be condemned.”Earlier, whenever wesaid something, we did not believe in what we said, because for so many yearsof our lives, we have been trained to believe that words are just words andthat they do not have any power.  But now when your words begin tomanifest you start marveling “Oh My God! that means, every word that comesout of my mouth is so powerful; from now on I will be very conscious about whatI say, because if the words that I speak about getting a job can come true, inthe same way, when I speak of joblessness, that word will also bringjoblessness”. Therefore, let us be careful of empty words, vain words, negativewords, fearful words.  Let us be careful, because our spirit isfilled with a power that can bring forth things that we say. Confession for theday:Lord God, I lead alife that is pleasing to You and I do it through faith.  At first, Icame to You in faith for my salvation. Now, I live and walk by faith andbelieve in the spiritual evidence, rather than physical.  Your Word ismore real to me than what I can see. I believe that Your Word has command overme, in all circumstances. Now, my only fight is to garner morefaith.  I pray in faith and You turn my hopeless situations around. I experience world-overcoming victory, today and every day, and Iexperience this victory through faith.  In Jesus’ name. Amen! Psalm 141:3 : Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;keep watch over the door of my lips! 


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