Boko Haram: Saraki Seeks Foreign Assistance to Rebuild North-East

Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki,
on Wednesday solicited the assistance of the
International Community for the on-going
efforts by the Federal Government to end the
insurgency in the North-eastern part of the
country and thereafter rebuild the area as well
as rehabilitate the people.
He said that such support would also help
bring succour to the Internally Displaced
Persons (IDPs) in the area.
Saraki made the call at separate sessions he
had with the German Ambassador to Nigeria,
Michael Zenner and his Spanish counterpart,
Alfonso Barnudvo Sdbastian De Erice who
paid courtesy visits to him in Abuja.
He stated that the humanitarian situation and
level of destruction in the area ravaged by the
insurgents require urgent and wide support
across the world.
He said it was clear to him having led a
delegation of the Senate to visit the IDPs
camps in Maiduguri on Monday for an on-
the-spot assessment that the Federal
Government alone cannot foot the bills for
total rehabilitation of the people and
rebuilding of infrastructure damaged as a
result of the activities of the insurgents.
Saraki said: “As you talked about insecurity,
particularly the insurgency in the North-East,
it is a problem that we alone cannot tackle. A
couple of days ago, some of us were there in
the North-East, in Borno State, to see the
effects on the entire community particularly
the Internally Displaced Persons, I think that it
is clear that a large part of the North-East
need reconstruction and rehabilitation and I
think this is an area where long term funding
will play a role to help us in the infrastructure.
“Those places needed to be rebuilt. There are
no schools. There are no roads. The houses
have been destroyed and I think that the
international community can assist us by
providing funding that will allow us to begin
the rehabilitation and reconstruction of these
“I think this is an area I will like to you to
focus on and look at the opportunities. Things
like these have happened in other parts of the
world where international communities have
come together and provided a kind of long
term funding that will be required for
“It is clear that from our budget alone, it is
not possible for us to fund it and I think it is
also not right as leaders to continue to
subject Nigerians, both old, young men,
mothers and their children who have been in
camps for years to continue there and I think
it is one area that we will like to have your
support”, he said.
The Senate President told his guests that
apart from insecurity, the nation is looking up
to developed economies like Germany and
Spain in the other sectors such as Agriculture,
Mining, Health and Industrialization in order
to bring the dividends of democracy to the
Saraki assured his visitors of the commitment
of the 8th Senate to work closely with every
stakeholders in diversifying the economy.
In their separate remarks, the German
Ambassador, Mr. Zenner and his Spanish
counterpart, De Erice, commended the
Nigerian Senate for putting behind the earlier
crisis that bedevilled its take off adding that
they will not relent in working closely with 8th
Senate and the President Muhammadu
Buhari’s administration in achieving social,
political and economic stability.


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