President Muhammadu Buhari Monday in
Abuja called on Nigeria’s elite to be prepared
to contribute more meaningfully towards
helping the country overcome its current
Speaking at an audience with the outgoing
President of the African Development Bank
(AfDB), Dr. Donald Kaberuka, President Buhari
said that privileged and influential citizens
clearly have to do more now than in the past
to help the country deal successfully with its
economic and security problems.
“With the shock of falling oil prices, lack of
revenues, and insecurity, the Nigerian elites
must now wake up and provide the right
guidance in their communities, and also lead
the economy on the right path more than they
used to do,’’ the President said.
President Buhari also told Mr. Kaberuka that
his administration will welcome more support
from the AfDB for projects in versatile sectors
like agriculture that can easily be explored to
create more jobs for unemployed Nigerians.
“An impression has been erroneously created
that we are a rich country but looking at the
economic profile of the country today, you will
see that that is not necessarily the case.
“Our social services have to be seriously
rehabilitated. We need urgent attention on
areas like education and health services, not
only in the north eastern part of the country,
but all round the country.
“We will fall back on institutions like the AfDB
for support in generating employment. We
have vast potentials in the agricultural sector
that can be explored to create more jobs.
“We also have small businesses that need
funds for expansion,” the President told Mr.
Kaberuka and other AfDB officials.
The outgoing AfDB President told President
Buhari that some development institutions like
the World Bank, German Development Bank
and the European Development Bank had
already indicated their readiness to provide
long term loan facilities to small businesses in
Mr. Kaberuka assured the President that the
AfDB will always support economic projects in
Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina of Nigeria will replace
the outgoing AfDB President next month.
The AfDB currently has a strong capital base
of 4.8 billion U S dollars.
Femi Adesina
Special Adviser to the President
Media and Publicity


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