Jairus and his Daughter – Part I


(Mark 5:22 )  And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him, he fell at his feet.

This morning we continue our series entitled, “Overcoming your Fear” by introducing you to another man I believe most of us can identify with. His name was Jairus, he was a man of position and prominence in the community, but calamity had struck his family. Death was knocking on the door of his home. His official title in the community was “Ruler of the synagogue.” “The ruler of the synagogue occupied a very important position. In the temple synagogue he was the third officer in rank; the first officer bring the high priest, and the second the chief of the priests… No one was eligible to this office until he had a certificate from the Great Sanhedrin that he possessed the requisite qualifications. His election, however, was by the members of the synagogue. It was his duty to supervise all matters of worship.” Why do I bring this out? Because it proves that he had a relationship – probably a close one – with the regular priests, the chief of priests, and the high priest himself. This is important to point out, because when his daughter fell sick – sick to the point of death – he did not go looking for the priests, he went looking for Jesus! This was a big deal, because the priests did not like Jesus, nor the things He did. Jairus did not have time to worry about people feelings; his daughter’s life was on the line. 

Jairus met Jesus at the end of a long day of ministry. Jesus had already taught parables, calmed a storm, and cast a legion of demons out of a man. Jesus was travelling back over Lake Galilee from the land of Gad. A large crowd was waiting at the shore for Him. As soon as Jesus got off of the boat Jairus broke through the crowd and fell at his feet. He dropped before Jesus in front of everyone. In front of the people that knew who he was and what his friends thought of Jesus. For most people a public encounter with Jesus would not have been a big deal, but for this man it was. He stripped himself of his position, his reputation, and his affiliation. He came as a humble man in need of a blessing; and he came to the one man his friends were afraid of, the one man they were marking as their enemy. We will see how fear almost kept him from his blessing later, but we will stop here for today.

So what does this mean to you today? Let’s seek to glean a few golden nuggets:

1.  God is real: Our real God desires a real, personal, and intimate relationship with you. This man had a real problem – his daughter was dying – and our real God showed up in a real way. Guess what? He can do the same for you, but you can’t allow your position or the opinions of others to keep you from going to God with humility and faith.

2.  Religion alone kills: I may teach a series on religion some day. Religion, by itself, is about rites, rituals, and routines. Religion alone numbs people from expecting an authentic experience with God. Do you go to church, or pray, or etc. out of routine or do you actually have a relationship with God? This man broke away from the routine and the mundane and he sought a relationship with a man that was making a difference in the lives of people.

3.  God is the answer to any problem: Many people try everything and everyone else before they go to God. Don’t make God your last resort; seek Him first and give Him first place in your life. Have you been trying everything else, but God?  Why not come to God. He was, is, and ever shall be the answer to any problem!

Confession for this day: Lord God, I know You are a real God that deals with real people, with real problems, in a real way. I break out of mere rites and routine of religion and I establish a personal relationship with You. You are the answer to anything that exceeds my ability. If you have blessed me to be able to handle it, then I will handle it; but when something exceeds my ability I know I can come to You. There is nothing impossible for You. You are my answer and my God. I worship You in private and in public! 

In Jesus’ name.


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