President Muhammadu Buhari Saturday in Kaduna
reaffirmed his administration’s total commitment to the
rule of law and warned that proven acts of human
rights violation by the Armed Forces will be punished
under his leadership.
Addressing officers, troops and newly commissioned
cadets at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA),
President Buhari reminded them that the rule of law
applied to the Armed Forces as much as any other
institution in the country.
“I wish to remind you of the Federal Government’s
commitment to overhaul the rules of engagement and
improve operational and legal mechanisms so that
disciplinary steps are taken against proven human
rights violations by the armed forces.
“We are committed to a thorough investigation of
recent and any future occurrences of human rights
violations by elements of our Armed Forces.
“While I applaud the integrity and sterling record of the
Armed Forces as an institution, this administration will
insist on the rule of law, and deal with any proven
cases of deviation from laws of armed conflict,
including human rights abuses.
“In operational conduct Nigerians expect our Armed
Forces to keep law and order, and not to behave like
“Let me reiterate this administration’s commitment to
due process, merit and total observance of the rule of
law as central pillars of a prosperous and democratic
“Rule of law as an element of good governance applies
to the Armed Forces as much as any institution in our
country. It is therefore gratifying that all three Services
have recently taken steps to emphasize strict
adherence to rules in recruitment, promotions,
procurement, project executions and civil-military
relations,” the President said at the passing out of
Officer Cadets of the NDA’s 62 Regular Course and
Short Service Course 43.
Observing that security remains the most important
challenge in his Administration’s “Change”
Programme, President Buhari said that the nation
expects exemplary conduct and professionalism from
officers and men of its Armed Forces at all times and in
all situations.
“The objectives our fight against terrorism cannot be
realized without a credible and effective military. You
must avoid any behavior that will tarnish your honour
and dignity as commissioned officers.
“Your commitment and loyalty to the Armed Forces and
the nation must be total. I urge you to take your roles
in the on-going process of rebuilding our Armed
Forces very seriously,” President Buhari told the newly-
commissioned officers.
Declaring that the Federal Government was pleased
with the Armed Forces’ resolve to end the insurgency
facing the country once and for all, President Buhari
assured them of his Administration’s determination to
ensure the speedy provision of platforms and
equipment they require to win the war against terrorism
and meet their long term needs.


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