President Muhammadu Buhari declared Thursday in
New Delhi that Nigeria and other African countries
must work harder to achieve greater political stability
and security before they can enjoy the full benefits of
partnership arrangements such as the India-Africa
Addressing the Plenary Session of the 3rd Summit of
the Forum, President Buhari said that to attract the
massive investment in-flows which they need to
overcome the challenges of unemployment and wealth
creation, Nigeria and other African countries must also
establish policy environments that guarantee the
sanctity of contracts on the basis of the rule of law.
The President told the gathering that since its
inception in May this year, his administration has been
working with determination to establish these
preconditions for rapid socio-economic development
and re-focus governance on the real needs of ordinary
“As a Government, we have demonstrated our strong
determination to change the direction and content of
governance, including the management of our
resources through accountability, transparency and
result-orientation in governance.
“We are confident that India, as a tested friend and
dependable partner, will always stand shoulder to
shoulder with us in the discharge of the mandate
entrusted to us by our people,” President Buhari said.
The President expressed the hope that the India-Africa
Forum will deepen, in practical terms, the South-South
Cooperation that countries of the South have desired
for so long.
“The current international economic and political
environment is far from being favourable, particularly
for developing countries. Fresh political conflicts have
erupted, accentuated by terrorism and extremism in the
most awful forms.
“Trans-border crimes, illegal arms trade, irregular
migration and cybercrimes have all added to the new
global threats that demand our collective action.
“Furthermore, the world is facing the challenge of
Climate Change in which Africa remains badly affected
with severe threats to food security and social stability.
“From the West to the East, North to South, virtually
every country in our respective regions is faced with
unacceptable levels of poverty, unemployment and a
youth bulge.
“India and Africa must develop a new spirit of
solidarity, cooperation and partnership to confront
these emerging threats. We must recognise that, in this
globalised age, we all live interconnected lives in a
fragile planet. We must therefore work together to uplift
the lives of our people in a manner that preserves the
sustainability of our living environment.
“These challenges call for a renewed sense of urgency
among African countries for economic development. It
is an open secret that Africa possesses all the
prerequisites to become a major growth region of the
“There is therefore the need for India and Africa to
strive together to build a virile framework for
partnership and cooperation in order to address
common challenges in key areas including health,
education, interconnectivity, power and employment
generation as well as the strengthening of institutions
of governance and democracy,” President Buhari told
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and African Heads of
State and Government.
The President said that although African countries
have a number of partnership arrangements with other
countries of the world, the India-Africa Forum
promises to be different “as it is not only a partnership
between friends, but between countries and peoples
who have had similar historical experiences of colonial
He noted that the immense potential of the forum was
already evident in the growing volume and improved
terms of trade between Africa and India as well as the
increasing presence of several Indian enterprises in


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