President Muhammadu Buhari was on the
phone early Sunday evening to Perth,
Australia, felicitating with a Nigerian who has
emerged World Scrabble Champion, the first
ever from Africa.
Wellington Jighere, 36, defeated Lewis Mackay
of Cambridge, England, by 448 points to 426
to win the championship which was competed
for by 450 players from round the world.
“I called to rejoice with you over your
performance. You have done the country
proud, and we are very happy. Please, pass
my congratulations to other members of Team
Nigeria,” President Buhari told Jighere.
Jighere was delighted at the phone call from
the President, and pledged to bring more glory
to his fatherland.
The five other Nigerian representatives finished
in the top 50 scrabble players in the world
Shortly after President Buhari got off the
phone, news got to him that the Under-20
female football team, the Falconets, have
qualified for the Women’s World Cup
Tournament after beating the Basetsana of
South Africa by a lone goal in an away game.
The Falconets had walked a tight rope after
scraping just a 2-1 win over South Africa in
Nigeria two weeks ago. With the away goal
counting double rule, all that South Africa
needed today was a single goal, but the
Nigerian girls turned the table.
“This is a clear case of the indomitable
Nigerian spirit. Such will soon be evident in all
aspects of our national life,” President Buhari


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