President Muhammadu Buhari Saturday in
Kaduna formally expressed his gratitude and
that of the APC for the tremendous
contributions artistes made to the party’s
victory in this year’s general elections.
Declaring the Kaduna Music Festival
(KADAMFEST) open, President Buhari said
that the story of the 2015 elections could not
be honestly told without acknowledging the
great contribution of some artistes to the
APC’s success.
“Many were the efforts made to build a strong
party and persuade people that an alternative
exists to the incompetence of the PDP. We
politicians did our best. But the story of 2015
cannot be honestly told without
acknowledging the contributions of creative
people to the APC’s success.
“Many actors, musicians and writers – from
different strands and in various styles- drew
Nigerians to the banner of change. In speaking
the language of the people, enlightening and
mobilising them with words and images they
could understand, I doubt if any politician
surpassed the likes of Dauda Rarara and other
“You – our artists gave hope to our people
and persuaded them to believe that things
could really change. Musicians and actors
across the length and breadth of Nigeria
mobilized the citizenry to stand up for
peaceful, orderly and transparent elections.
You preached both peace and hope leading to
democratic change.
“This application of creative talent to the
cause of political change in a dire moment for
our country deserves eternal gratitude. As
President, I say a formal thank you today on
behalf of myself, the APC and our victorious
“In appreciating talent, we have a duty to
ensure that we do not turn our backs, or
reduce the creative sector to something that
we engage only during elections. We who have
been inspired or benefitted in other ways from
creative talent owe an obligation to help
ensure that the talented can live on their gifts.
Those who identified with us, sang, danced
and rapped for us when we were seeking office
have earned the right to our recognition.
“It is in this spirit that I commend the Kaduna
State Government for organising the Kaduna
Annual Music Festival (KADAMFEST) which
offers a platform to acknowledge musicians
from all over the country for helping to make
2015 the year of change.
“KADAMFEST also reflects the Kaduna State
Government’s approach to giving momentum
to the growth of the creative industry in the
state. In creating jobs, government often has
to provide funds and facilities to catalyse the
“It is noteworthy, however, that the Kaduna
State Government has attracted private sector
sponsorship for this festival, and did not have
to put in its own resources,” President Buhari
He thanked the sponsors of the festival and
urged other companies to do more to support
his administration’s efforts to boost
employment in the country.


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