The Hidden Potentials in Women That the Church Needs to Harness

Myles Munroe in his book analyzed some of the major potentials in women.
These potentials as noted by him if adequately utilized would not only help
men but make our churches and societies better. The potentials are:
– Women give life to things, meaning that if you need life in your life;
get a life – giver which is woman.
– The woman is an emotional feeler
– The woman is a logical thinker
– Women don‟t forget things so easily, but men have to be reminded
again and again. Do you know to whom God first gave the resurrection
message? Women. Do you know why he didn‟t give it to the males at
first? They forget too much. He waited until the woman arrived. If you
give a woman at a well a message, she will turn it to an evangelistic
crusade team (see John 4: 4-30).
– Women are a perfect balance. The female was created to help the man
in that, whatever the male lacks, the female has.
– Women are constantly changing; men level up and stay the same.
– Women sees possibilities and potential
– Women ponder words, actions and relationships between things.
– Women processes words, ideas and problems
– A woman conceives and invents.
– A woman develops ideas, plans and programs.
– A woman protects what she has received while it develops.
– A woman produces something new from what she receives.
– Women multiply what she is given. (Myles Munroe 2001: 163).
Apart from the above, women are above average, stable partners during
periods of crises especially financial ones. Most men are seemingly good
when the going is good and cash flow is favourable, but when there is a
reversal, they breakdown, became irritable and unapproachable.


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