Army probes recent Boko Haram attacks

The army on Sunday said it has
launched a probe into recent attacks by Boko
Haram militants which claimed dozens of lives
of lives near Maiduguri, capital of northeast
Borno state.
At least 85 people died when insurgents
stormed and torched a village on January 30,
the third attack in four days defying President
Muhammadu Buhari’s claim Nigeria had
largely defeated the jihadist group.
“The recent unfortunate attacks by Boko
Haram terrorists on communities close to
Maiduguri, despite our successes, call for
concern,” the army said.
“The Nigerian Army has already commenced
investigation into the attacks… All cases of
indiscipline and related acts of misconduct
including human rights abuse in the
operations will be tried by the Special Court
Martial,” said the statement said, without
clarifying what the probe was investigating.
Thousands of people have fled their homes
near Maiduguri for the capital and many are
afraid to return, despite government
assurances of their safety, after the recent
Buhari in December claimed that Nigeria had
largely won the fight against Boko Haram, but
since then the militants have killed dozens in
raids and suicide attacks, including across the
border in Cameroon.
Rights group Amnesty International has also
accused the military itself of committing war
crimes and possible crimes against humanity
in the course of its operations against the
Boko Haram, which seeks a hardline Islamic
state in northern Nigeria, has killed some
17,000 people and forced more than 2.6
million others to flee their homes since the
start of its insurgency in 2009.


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