Ekiti workers decry reversal of salaries

Government workers in Ekiti State have decried
the withdrawal of their salaries, few minutes
after most of them received bank alerts of
payment on Friday.
The workers, many of who are owed three
months arrears, had celebrated on receiving
the alerts of payment of two months arrears.
Their joy turned “sour” when they received
another alert reversing the payment.
The development forced many of them to make
phone calls to their colleagues to confirm if
they had the same experience.
Some of the workers, who pleaded for
anonymity, expressed shock with the
development which they said has dampened
their morale and exposed them to ridicule.
A Grade Level 13 officer said: “I was very
happy when I received alert that my account
has been credited with two months salaries
and I started calculating how I would spend it
but I was shocked to receive another alert
within an hour withdrawing the money paid
into my account.”
Commissioner for Information Lanre Ogunsuyi
said the government was sorry for the
inconvenience which he attributed to “an error
by the firm handling the computerisation of
Ogunsuyi said: “We are aware of the
development and I want to say that
government is sorry for the inconvenience this
might have caused our workers. Today,
everybody will get one-month pay.
“It was an error by the firm that handled the
computerisation of accounts, it was an error
by our service provider.”
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has
warned Governor Ayo Fayose to stop deceiving
In a statement yesterday by its Publicity
Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, the APC warned
Fayose against persecuting union leaders for
demanding for workers’ rights.
Olatunbosun described the action of crediting
workers’ accounts only to withdraw same after
media hype as “callous and highly fraudulent”.
He warned Fayose to “stop playing games
with the lives of workers”.
According to him, Fayose’s inconsistent
figures on the state debts and non-
transparent manner in the conduct of
government’s business were enough for
workers to lose faith in him.
He said: “This is not the first time the
governor is doing this to workers. He did it to
primary school teachers last year when he
learnt that they were to embark on strike.
“That is what he did last week after learning
of strike plan by teachers after they refused to
help him in a solidarity rally to save him from
Ekitigate probe.”
“The governor who said the state was broke
suddenly paid two months salary after
learning that the teachers were bent on
protesting the non-payment of their salary
arrears, even though he quickly reversed a
month salary from their accounts after
workers were celebrating payment of two
months arrears.
“As we speak, Fayose is threatening labour
leaders for legitimately asking for the rights of
“He has relocated government business to
Afao- Ekiti just as he did when he was about
to be impeached in 2006.”


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