Worth Thinking About It! “SAME MIND” NOT NECESSARILY A CONTEST OF OPINIONS Phil. 2:2 – Bishop Ponle Alabi

It took God 40 years of various attempts to
teach Israel that God’s word alone should be
the arbiter of decision making. 40 years of
lesson still seems unfruitful , for they soon
forgot. The scriptures say; “You shall
remember all the way which the LORD your
God has led you in the wilderness these forty
years,..that He might make you understand
that man does not live by bread alone, but
man lives by everything that proceeds out of
the mouth of the LORD.”
How soon do we forget the place of Gods word
for every activity in our lives. The word must/
should have a place in all our alliances. It
must be the reason we make a decision or the
reason we reject an option. People we come in
contact with must quickly know where we
stand and whose we are.
Pastors and “believers” with the perception
that life, politics and choices are matters of
personal OPINIONS. You may say; “does that
mean our choices and decisions must be the
same?” No not really but the very
Our text Philippians 2:2 says; “make my joy
complete by being of the same mind,
maintaining the same love, united in spirit,
intent on one purpose.” The text suggests that
Paul’s joy will be complete when the
Philippians have the SAME MIND. How?
1. Maintaining the same love: Have the same
2. United in spirit: small s not capital S, which
means human spirit share the same feelings.
3. One purpose: Walking towards the same
Now these three things will of-course cause
our decisions and choices to gravitate towards
the same thing. What thing? THE PLEASURE
Revelations 4:11; “You are worthy, our Lord
and Our God, to receive the glory and the
honor and the power, because you have
created all things, and by your pleasure they
exist and were created.”
Imagine believers who have the “mind of
Christ” support evil and corruption and would
not back out because to them; “it is their
opinion”, what opinion? Imagine people who
say they belong to Jesus support an idea
which obviously requires some form of
terrorism for its cause to be fulfilled, what
cause? We live for His pleasure. A believer
who is able to separate his or her political
alliances from his relationship with Christ,
what separation?
Ask yourself these questions from the
1. Where is your faith in the decisions and
alliances you make? (Luke 8:22-25)
2. What do you seek with Jesus Christ- His
approval or the approval of your choices?
(John 1:35-38)
3. Do you Love Jesus enough to have Him
take over whose you are and what decisions
you make? (John 21)
4. “Are you saying things because of your
opinion or someone told you to think in that
manner?-John 18:33-34
5. What really has Jesus done to you now that
you are saved? Who are you now?(John
6. Who is your brothers, sister and mother
now? What defines your relationship?
(Matthew 12:48)
These questions are personal but I can assure
that the answers you find to these questions
will open your eyes to see where you stand.
Look at the last question, your family alliance
is based on living for the word not blood
relationship. This is hard? Jesus made that
Jesus Christ had to answer these questions.
His stand against the Pharisees was not
personal but a reflection of His choice to do
God’s will. Pilate could have stopped His
death but Jesus submitted to God’s will till
the end. His death and resurrection were
according to God’s word. It is time you make
up your mind to hand over your words and
choices to God’s word. The cross is all about-
having the MIND SET of the father and not an
expression of opinion.
You political intrusions must be clear like
John the Baptist’s political proclamation
was;”John had been telling Herod, “It is
against God’s law for you to marry your
brother’s wife” (Mark 6:18). God’s word made
John the Baptist speak not opinion or
partisan politics. Are you not tired of people
saying your allegiance is to a person or party,
when will they say; ‘his/her decision is
because of his or her faith in God’.
Remember that “Man does not live by bread
alone…”so what really are you LIVING on/by?
(c) Bishop Ponle Alabi copeainc


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