Sir, we applaud your
frantic efforts directed at revamping our economy
through several economic policies and measures
capable of salvaging the nation’s treasury from the strongholds of political robbers. With keen interest,
we are following the Anti Graft Campaign, the
sudden reawakening of CCT, the general increase
in prices of basic foods and services-students
having to pay through the nose back to their
respective homes. Anyway, as objective citizens, we are still exercising patience. However, it is better to
clearly point out that our vault of patience on the
dehumanizing HND/ Bsc Dichotomy is exhausted.
The polytechnic graduates or HND holders have
been under this unjust treatment for years. As a
most awaited Messiah, who rode on board of the propagated change, the immediate abolition of the
discrimination against HND Certificate should be
part of the flagship program. Your Excellency sir, I
supposed government is a continuum ; in May
2014, the committee set up by the federal
government to work on the Dichotomy between holders of HND/Bsc was inaugurated. Amongst
others the committee was saddled with the task of
reviewing the content and curriculum of the HND
program to be equivalent to the Bachelor of
Technology, such that this will grant HND holders
the right to reach the highest grade level in the public service. It is no crime for your administration
to consolidate on that. Also, “A Bill for an Act to
abolish and prohibit Dichotomy and Discrimination
between First Degree and Higher National Diploma
in the same profession or Field ” was sponsored by
Senator Ayo Akinyelure (Ondo. Central Senatorial District ), this is an auspicious leverage to effect the
desirable change. Sir, the traumatizing experience
of HND Holders in their places of work, the
continuing injustice, disparity and discrimination
meted on products of polytechnics in Nigeria is
threatening to derail the nation’s core policy thrust of evolving a technological and scientifically based,
self -reliant society in the future. Thousands of
prospective polytechnic and technology students
are contemplating or have decided to opt for
university education because perceived and real
discrimination against HND graduates. Alas! must we occupy the streets of our cities in protests
before we are taking serious? In case of
communication gap, or you have not be properly
briefed, Anti HND/Bsc Dichotomy Rallies have
commenced. I hope, your administration is not
waiting for NAPS NATIONAL DAY OF MASS ACTIONS on same before adequate attention is accorded our
cry. Aluta continua Victoria ascerta. SIGNED:
Adeyeye Olugbenga. president of NAPS


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