Following continuing reports of attacks by
“herdsmen” on communities across the country,
particularly Monday’s attack on Ukpabi Nimbo in
Enugu State, President Muhammadu Buhari assures all Nigerians, once again, of his administration’s
continued commitment to ensuring the safety of
lives and property in all parts of the country.
President Buhari unreservedly condemns the attack
on Ukpabi Nimbo on other such acts of extreme
violence against communities in other states of the Federation.
Acting on the President’s directive, the Inspector-
General of Police and heads of the nation’s other
security agencies are already taking urgent steps to
fully investigate the attacks, apprehend the
perpetrators and bring them to justice. Ending the recent upsurge of attacks on
communities by herdsmen reportedly armed with
sophisticated weapons is now a priority on the
Buhari Administration’s agenda for enhanced
national security and the Armed Forces and Police
have clear instructions to take all necessary action to stop the carnage.
In keeping with the President’s directive, the
Inspector-General of Police, the General Officer
Commanding the 82nd Division of the Nigerian
Army and the Director of the Department of State
Security in Enugu State have visited Ukapbi Nimbo to personally oversee investigations into the attack
on the community and ongoing efforts to
apprehend the culprits.
Meanwhile, President Buhari is scheduled to meet
with Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi later today to
receive further briefing on the attack on Ukpabi Nimbo and discuss additional measures to forestall
similar attacks and restore public confidence.
The President urges all Nigerians to remain calm
and assured of his administration’s readiness to
deploy all required personnel and resources to
remove this new threat to the collective security of the nation.


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